Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Power of the Apron

I recently purchased my very first apron which came in the mail today. I bought it because I think it will Change. My. Life.

When I first saw this apron while surfing the web, I was overcome immediately with a wave of nostalgia. I began to reminisce about lime green kitchen walls, yellow Formica cabinets, linoleum on the floor and my Mother fiercely cooking up a storm of savory treats.

The memories were so vivid, I was transported back in time and could almost smell the wonderful scents of the fruits of her culinary greatness. You do realize that most Mothers are notorious for culinary greatness, don't you?

My Mother worked long hours at the city hospital. She would leave early in the morning, but not without having first combed my hair for school, prepared breakfast for me and my siblings, and prepared dinner for my Father, who always ate early before she returned home. All before 7:00 in the morning! I think it was the apron.

My grandmother also wore an apron. She raised four sons alone, having been widowed very early. Four! Now that is fortitude. I have one and I can barely keep up with his mischief, and have on occasion shed quite a few tears out of frustration. Yet, my recollections of my grandmother often involve a great deal of her bubbling laughter and warm hugs as she wrapped me up in her large apron. I also think in this instance, it was the apron.

Then there is Lucy. As in "I Love Lucy." Remember her? She always wore an apron before she engaged in her nefarious schemes and shenanigans. Have you ever noticed how spotless her home always was? How perfectly coiffed and glamorously dressed she always was? Imagine what a super homemaker she must have been to keep house, care for Little Ricky, gab with Ethel, scold Fred, get caught in some episodic quandary, and have dinner on the table by the time Ricky came home from work? Again, the unquestionable power of the apron.

Let's put this in perspective. You see, the apron is multifunctional. Its purpose is not only to protect your clothes underneath, but is also used as a towel to wipe your hands, as a potholder to carry warm casseroles, as a duster for the errant dust that dares to settle on the spotless furniture, and as a tissue to wipe the endless tears from the battles siblings always seem to wage. Oh, let's not forget, it's the perfect carryall for the toys that spill out of children's bedrooms. How could one avoid being a super homemaker with this ingenious, multipurpose invention?

As I survey my toy- ridden home, over-laden sink, and paper- loaded dining tables, I have a feeling the minute I put this cute and sexy apron on, I will transform into a Domestic Goddess.

Mind you, my apron is NOT to be confused with those utilitarian gingham housecoats of yesteryear. This is a very modern apron for a very modern woman such as myself. Once donned, I shall become a soft-spoken, never yelling culinary whiz, with a spotless home, well behaved polite children, all the WHILE maintaining a full-time job! I just know it....

Don't be a hater.
Get your own apron!


  1. I love your new apron, very cute! Yes, my Mum is notorius for culinary greatness! Merry Christmas to you and yours! Best wishes, C :)

  2. Love it! I have a couple of 'nostalgic' aprons and I LOVE to cook/bake in them...there is definitely some 'power in the apron'!

  3. Oh my goodness -- good points, all! I definitely need an apron! I love the one you picked out too. Keep us updated.

  4. Wow -- thanks for adding me to your blog roll too; I appreciate it.

  5. This post so made me smile, LOL esp at the last paragraph. I have an apron too and I use it when I have to made loads of food for freezing.

    I like the new snowflakes and template too. Merry Christmas to you and your children Viv and may the New Year bring even more happiness.

  6. Dear Vivianne,

    As I read your post I am filled with warmth and a huge affection for you.

    Your writing is always beautiful!

    I hope that you have a very wonderful Christmas filled with happiness and tons and tons of love!

    With much admiration, Jillian

  7. Thank you Jillian! That's an honor coming from you. The admiration is reciprocated and I'm happy we can learn from each other.

    Myne- sounds like there's some culinary greatness cooking up in your kitchen. You have time to cook in batch and publish a book? WOW!It's definitely the apron! LOL! Best wishes to you for the New Year. I know your Book is going to take off!

    LA Single Mama- My pleasure. I enjoy reading your blog!

  8. I LOVE this apron!! I totally need to get one. I saw one on a recent shopping trip at a froo-froo store but they wanted $78 and I just couldn't bring myself to it.

    Merry Christmas!

  9. I have an award for you! Here is the link for it:

  10. Vivianne, your writing is so gorgeous! I thoroughly enjoyed this post. It brought me back to the good ole days too. Now if only I could find a magic apron for myself too. One that would keep my kitchen clean, my meals delish, and my children always happy...Not too much to ask is it?

  11. I love the apron. I too have found if I wear an apron, I seem to be more efficient around the home. I hope your new apron brings you all you hope for! :-) Thanks for sharing.... visiting via SITS

  12. PS I have an award for you, Vivianne! LYLAS! I heart you.

  13. you made me snicker. also. i totally want to be a domestic goddess. but without the cooking and cleaning and stuff.

    visiting from sits!

  14. That apron is beautiful! I'm going to have to get one myself (especially because I'm an absolute mess while cooking)!

  15. Great apron! I got one like it to give my niece as a wedding present.

    Stopping by from SITS! Sorry for the delete.

  16. I recently bought this exact same apron!! Love it! Thank you for stopping by my blog!



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